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Grey’s Anatomy Producer Says Season Premiere Will Be Full Of Hope & Happiness

Grey’s Anatomy producer, Shonda Rhimes, recently told that fans shouldn’t be afraid that this season’s premiere will be as dark as last season’s finale.

(Be Warned: Spoilers Ahead)

“One of the things I love about the first episode of the season is Cristina and Owen getting married,” says Rhimes. “It’s this beautifully wonderful, happy, hopeful moment that I really liked seeing.”

Rhimes explains why she wanted Cristina and Owen to get engaged and married in the first episode. “I felt like for Owen that it became very clear out of that shooting that he loved Cristina Yang and wanted to be with her,” she explains. “That was made incredibly clear for him, so why would they be waiting? It also felt like she, the last person we think of being a bride, really needed a lifeline and was really changed by the experience as well and could really take a leap.”

She also added that Cristina’s last wedding to Burke, in which she was left at the alter, won’t hold her back. “Cristina doesn’t talk about it,” she said. “Meredith’s sort of very worried that she’s doing this thing. We had a line, but I’m not sure if it made it in, with Derek saying ‘I was the best man at her last wedding.’ You do feel like this is a very different wedding. That wedding was all pomp and circumstance with a huge church, tons of people, dresses, lots of flowers, bridesmaids and everything. This is a very simple, elegant wedding.”

She added, “[The ceremony takes place] in Meredith’s living room. A candlelit evening ceremony with a small group of people and the bride does not wear white. It feels very adult and very much like Cristina.”

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